Thursday, 22 March 2012

When The Babies Leave

I am 23 and
don't have any children. I have
been looking after Joanna & Timothy now for a few years. I spend 98% of my time with them. I wake up and spend the day with them. I have lunch with them. I play with them. I work with them. After work I hang out with them. We watch T.V together, read together, swim together, drive together. We basically do everything together.The only time in a day when I am really alone is when im asleep. I guess you could say now, after 3 years they are very much like my own children.

My whole life now revolves around Jo. To be honest I cant imagine my day with out her in it. So now comes the question- What happens when the babies grow up and leave? I guess all parents are faced with this question at some stage in their life. Although- I am not a parent. I did not spend 13 years raising them. And I certainly didn't have
to pay for them the past 13 years. And on another plus side I didn't have to give birth to them.

I cant even begin to imagine how parents that live on cattle stations feel when the time comes for boarding school. I guess its all part of life living in the bush. You come to accept the fact that Boarding school is the next option. But parents keep working. Seeing their children every holidays, boarders long week ends & if you are really lucky surprise visits in the middle. But what happens to the Govie?

I am very lucky in the fact that I get on extremely well with the family that I work for. I have taken on Anna as
my home. But I sit there and wonder... what will I do next year when Joanna leaves? I could go and work on another station as a Govie. But I don't know if I could do that. I could work in the yards and muster. But I believe I am far to sensitive for that. As soon as some one yells at me- I break down in to tears. You think after 3 years in the
Kimberly I would be able to handle that. But I cant.
I am now at a cross roads in my life as to what to do next.

Until Next Time & I work out what to do next!



  1. Hi Krissy, I just found your blog and I must say that it's intriguing to me. I know very little about Australia and even less about a cattle station in the outback. I am sure that you have very close ties with the children and the family that you work for. I think of it as a hard life, but also as a calm and inspiring time to gather strength and a strong sense of self worth. I think that you must be a very strong and courageous young woman. I feel honored to be able to reach out through the help of cyber space and become a friend. Your newest follower from the states. Connie :) I'll tell you just a little bit about myself: *I'm old enough to be your grandma.
    *I love photography (worked at a photographer for ten years)
    *I love to paint and had many gallery shows, until an injury to my right hand about 4 years ago.
    *I have been married 36 years to my darling Steve
    *I have one daughter and 2 granddaghters
    *I have worked as a preschool teacher, an activity director, a factory seamstress and a store clerk.
    *I love crafts, sewing, gardening, traveling, playing guitar, singing, and cooking.
    *I have a blog and would love to invite you to visit it and follow me as well. So you have a great day . . . don't worry about your future, because I'm sure that a smart young woman like you, will have a wonderful and fulfilling life. I'm looking forward to hearing from you and getting to know you better through blogging. Connie :)

  2. As one door closes start looking for the window you can open.

  3. Hi Krissy,

    I have just awarded you the Liebster Award. To find out what it is check out my blog post on it.

    Love the pictures from the air of the cattle.